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It takes you only 5 minutes to complete initial setup to start sever your online customers.

  • Registration – Forever Free Plan (2 minutes)
  • Ready to serve you – Setup completed and ready to handle customer chats (1 minute)
  • Integrations – WordPress, Any HTML webpages, Shopify. (1 minute)

Step 1: Registration – Forever Free Plan

Register your company Here

The key information is the email address to be registered. The email address will be used as administrator account to logon to 2ConnectMe. Please be alerted that once the email address is registered as administrator account, it cannot be changed later. Therefore, please be careful in selecting your email address for administrator account.

Registered email address verification

An validation email is sent to your registered email address. Just click to link to verify the address and it will divert you to agent desktop screen. If you do not find the registration email in your Inbox in 1 minute, please check your Junk/Spam mailbox. Sometimes, email systems wrongly treat it as a Junk/Spam mail.

Successful Company Activation & logon first time to accept defaults

After clicking the link in the registration email, you will then logon to 2ConnectMe Agent Phone. For the first time logon, initial setting wizard helps you setup the service with the minimal configurations. The Initial settings can be changed at any time later. However, it is highly recommended to input all the information to avoid unexpected behaviors of the service.

Then you may either Accept default settings, which is recommended for new users, or continue the detail system settings as screen shown below. Please take note that the “WhatsApp” setting is NOT activated by default. In case you would like to have “WhatsApp” agent settings, please continue “ADVANED SETTINGS” or “INITIAL SETTINGS WIZARD” on the next section of this document.

Successful registration and URLs

After validation of your email address, the address link of chat room named “GENERAL” for text chat (contact form), voice chat and video chat will be sent to your registered email address. If you do not find the “New Company” email in your Inbox in 1 minute, please check your Junk mailbox. Sometimes, email systems wrongly treat it as a Junk mail.

Step 2: Ready to serve you

Then, you have your own chat room immediately.

Go to Help Screen and try to invite customer / friends to have a chat as screen shown below. It will send out an email with Private Chat Room Url for customer / friends to join the chat. Or you may try to click the sample “Click To Call” chat buttons to verify the system settings.

Invite Friend For Chat

When you click “Invite Anonymous Friends” button, you start to invite friend for a chat through email as screen shown below.

Invitation Email Sent

In case of incorrect unreachable email address, 2ConnectMe cannot know it in advance. Therefore, when customers / friends do not receive such invitation in 1 minute, you have to ask customers / friends to check their junk mailbox or the correctness of the email address.

Customers / Friends will receive the following email. When the chat link Url is clicked, it will bring you to connect to an idle agent service staff, who, in this case, is yours, to serve immediately.

Customer Contact Form Looking for Idle Agent

Customer Connecting to Agent In Progress

While customer is waiting for agent to answer the chat, customer can leave email message or activate an alert which 2ConnectMe will send email to customer when agent is idle.

Agent Phone Ringing

When agent answers the chat, agent is able to make voice chat , video chat, text chat and screen share with customer immediately.

Customer Phone

Customer is also able to make voice chat, video chat, text chat and share screen with agent immediately.

Step 3: Integration

Facebook / Youtube

Using the new administrator account created, you logon either mobile Apps or through a Browser, you become ready for the calls from customers / anonymous who click the chat room address in the email above. Then, you can just paste the chat room address link to your social media, e.g. facebook, youtube, or your own meeting request for online meeting. Immediately Working. Yes, it is like a magic!

For example, you may check the youtube video here which we put our live chat URL at the end of video descriptions as a public contact channel.

Contact Form on WordPress

Just copy the chat room URL in the email above and put inside the chat room URL settings of WordPress Plugin. Or you may logon 2ConnectMe as system administrator to click Public Anonymous Chat Room settings to find the GENERAL chat room URL as show below. More details in the advance setup documentation.

Contact Form in HTML webpages

The following diagram shows how to setup HTML codes for the chat room in the Public Chat Room settings. Then, clicking “COPY HTML TO CLIPBOARD” and paste them inside <body> tag of any normal webpages. The webpages will then be empowered immediately with Floating icon with Pop Up either Contact Form, Direct Voice and Video chats.

Click to Call Button on any Website

Just copy the chat room URL in the email above and put under any html button with Click action.

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