Find a plan that’s right for you.

Whether you are just starting or ready to grow business to next level. We have got pricing plans that fit any budget.
  • Forever Free plan is with more than enough functions for any startup and personal usage. It includes unlimited Text, Screen Share, Voice, Video, SEE Customer Screen, Auto Text Triggers. For account administrator, the 1st user opening the account, can handle unlimited number of chats/calls from the default “GENERAL” chat room. For agents, 500 customer connected chats/calls are included and such entitlements will be renewed every year.
  • Growing Business plan – 500 connected chats annually let you upgrade your FREE plan to have unlimited number of Chat Rooms for handling 500 connected chats per year. These 500 chats will be shared by all agents.
  • Large Enterprise plan – agent based monthly subscription let your subscribed agents to handle unlimited number of chats from unlimited number of Chat Rooms and more. This monthly subscription is on per user account (agent ID) basis.


Forever Free


Personal Usage

Growing Business

US$ 19.99

500 annual connected chats

Large Enterprise

US$ 19.99

/ agent / month

Text, Voice, Video Chat
Screen Share
SEE Customer Screen
Auto Text Triggers
Agent greeting customisation
Unlimited Contact Form Customisation
Unlimited Enquiries forwarded to admin email address when no free agent.
Unlimited Enquiries Distribution.
Unlimited number of Websites
Number of Agents Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of chats handled by Administrator Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of chats handled by Agents 500 connected chats annually 500 connected chats annually Unlimited
Number of Chat Room

Only 1 chat room  “GENERAL”

Unlimited Unlimited
Conference Chats


File size of document transferred

1 Mb

5 Mb 5 Mb
Number of Chat Room

Only 1 chat room  “GENERAL”

Unlimited Unlimited



  • Voice Call, Video Call are supported in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Safari browsers.
  • Screen Sharing is only supported in Google Chrome browser or Mozilla Firefox.
  • SEE Customer Screen is supported Only by the latest version of browsers, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari. According to our experience, we can SEE customer screen about 70-80% of customer as of today in July 2018.
  • Text Chat are supported in all browsers.
  • It is not allowed to use 2ConnnectMe service for illegal activities or involving any pornographic materials.
  • 2ConnectMe will not store any customer payment information locally. We send the payment information to service provider, e.g. Apple Pay, Google Pay, Android Pay, PayPal and AliPay directly. 2ConnectMe NEVER expose your payment credit card information to hackers.
  • It is not allowed to resell the service without consent from 2ConnectMe Ltd.
  • Should you have any question in pricing feel free contact our live agent for support.