New Customer Contact Channel

Effective Email Marketing with “Click To Call” buttons

  • Embedded “Click To Call” buttons in your email marketing campaign.
  • Customer have instant chat channel inside your email to find your company staff (agent) to serve.
  • Customer queries are distributed to your company agents instantly.
  • Email Marketing has become never been effective before.

Meeting Rooms for Online Customers / Anonymous Friends

  • Paste 2ConnectMe chat room Url to your social media, Facebook, Youtube, or even your personal meeting request.
  • Your customer is able to chat with you instantly through clicking such chat room Url link.

Offline Anonymous Customers

  • Print QR code of 2ConnectMe Chat Room Url on offline media, e.g. Newspaper, magazine, or advertisement on Car.
  • Your customer is able to chat with your company staff with mobile phone scanning the QR Code.