Business Chat Room

Our vision is to create a live chat platform to transform any website into an Online Store with Real Physical Shopping experience. We can SEE the customer behaviours during shopping products. We may just say “Hello” politely to customers while not interrupting their shopping experience.

If needed, we can proactively initiating chats with text, screen share, voice and video with customers. 2ConnectMe Business Chat Room enriches any websites with such  “Real Life Retail” user experiences.

How to find if your website is crowded with customers?

Let’s check the customers in Real Time.

The agent main screen shows the customers visiting website in Real Time. Typical example below illustrates there are 2 customers visiting website on chat room, namely iWritingPad Sales, and Sales.


How to learn more about customers profile?

Every customer comes with detail information.

The customer above has arrived website at  02/08/2018. He is with origin language  United Kingdom.

In  Contact Form Status above, the customer is from an Desktop device  and Chrome browser . He has typed keyboard  on the contact form. The contact form is open   now.

The Browser History above, the customer has clicked 2 links, about “support-faq”, on the webpage.


How to know whom I should serve better?

With “Auto Short Text Triggers” function, you can setup conditions to pre-define your “high potential customers” criteria. 2ConnectMe provides conditions for locations (the web page URL addresses) and duration (how long customer stays on the page). When the conditions are met, the pre-configured short text will be prompted to customer next to the chat icon as shown below.

Meanwhile, the agent main screen also shows such Auto Text, red in colour, on customer profile. Just in time, it helps agent to pay attention to serve this customer with higher priority and better service. The agent resources, the most valuable resources in a call centre, can be utilised in the most effective way.


How to know what customers are doing at your website?

After deciding whom agent should serve better, agent can SEE the customer screen in Real Time. Before proactively serving this customer, agent is able to understand what customer is doing on the same page for such long time.

Let’s SEE customer interaction in Real Time.

Click  to start SEE Customer Screen interactions.

SEE Customer Screen Interactions on website

The SEE Customer Screen is a mirror of what customer is seeing on the screen.  The contact form control buttons and sending short message function   on top let you interact with customer while seeing his screen.


Say ‘Hello’ to customer before initiating chats!

Send short texts to customer.

With Short Message to Customer, you may just send short “Hello” greeting message to customers.

The short text will be shown next to 2ConnectMe Chat Icon on your website.



Pop up the contact form on website

Remote control contact form

Click pop up  or pull down  contact form remotely.



SEE Customer Screen typing on contact form

Automatic display customer typing input

Whenever customer is typing on contact form, the SEE Customer Screen will show what customer has typed on contact form as illustrated below of above customer.



Initiating chats with customers

Instant chats with customers proactively.

Click  to initiate chats with customer at any time proactively.


Inform other Agents about customers being served?

Automatic update on contact form status

After customer is served by agent, the contact form status will be with  and  indicating who is serving this customer.



  1. SEE Customer Screen only supports those WordPress websites with Plugin here. If your website is not built from WordPress, please don’t hesitate contact us at We will check what other alternatives available for you.
  2. SEE Customer Screen is using the leading edge technology of browsers. Some old browsers do not support this function. According to actual experience, more than 80% of customer screen can be SEEN.
  3. SEE Customer Screen only supports those websites with https secured encryption. In case your website is not with https connection, the Customer Screen displayed may be mis-aligned. For how to enable your site with https connection, we recommend the FREE service provided by Let’s Encrypt.
  4. We provide consultation on how to empower your website with https connection. Please contact us at We guarantee to reply to every customer queries by 24 hours.